Northside Seventh-day Adventist Church

St. Louis | MO
Thank you for visiting The Northside SDA Church Celebrating 50 years of showing loving, embraced and find refuge from life’s storms. We are cu‚Äčrrently located in North Saint Louis County . It is our goal to be a pillar for our communities through inspiring and empowering our members and visitors to be ministers. You will be encouraged and motivated to live and work for the Lord Jesus Christ through our dynamic worship services, powerful relevant preaching, intimate fellowship and service-based ministries.

Please take this opportunity to become better acquainted with our church through viewing our website.   We hope that you will be blessed through navigating our website and you will be inspired to come and worship with us at The Northside Church!!!

Our Core Values
Love-for God, oneself, His church, His people
Commitment-to God, His cause, His church, His people
Community-Unity with God and Community with others
Communication-Effective dialogue with God and with others
Evangelism-Reaching out to the lost
Discipleship-Empowering and training others to be ministers
Spiritual Growth-Growing spiritually in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit

Northside Seventh-day Adventist Church | 9001 Lucas & Hunt Rd | St. Louis, MO 63136-1500